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    Keep the flow of communication open with parents about their child’s day-to-day routine and activities with these easy-to-use, customizable daily reports and family-teacher journal.
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    Ensure that your classroom is welcoming and inclusive for all children and their families Including dads.

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    Provide crawling babies with many opportunities to safely explore.
    New to ERS / CLASS, or just want to brush up? Click on Training to view the ERS and CLASS training today!
    Newsletters are a great way to keep families up to date on your program's activities.  Use the templates in Program Admin / Family Engagement / Newsletters to get started.
    Investigate scholarship options to support you pursuit of professional development through your local Child Care Resource & Referral agency.
    Provide ways for families to be included in program planning and decision making such as a survey a parent forum.
    Physically come down to children’s level and listen to what they have to say.
    Want to see if you’re eligible to receive brand new, free and low-cost books from First Book? Click on Cost Savings and then First Book to learn more.
    Keep your bulletin board fresh and current with the resources in Program Admin / Family Engagement / Community Bulletin Board.
    Looking to make your classroom more eco-healthy? Check out Program Admin / Health / Eco-Healthy Classrooms for practical resources to get you started.
    Make sure your Family Handbook contains a Family Activities Policy. See the resources in Program Admin.
    Looking for resources to use for a parent education night?  The Parent Handouts in Library provide a wealth of ideas; from biting to toileting, and feelings to emergencies and more.
    Does your staff know who reports to whom? Having an organization chart provides clear guidance and structure.  See HR for a template and check this off your “To Do” list.
    What is Executive Function? This training provides a concise overview! Visit Training / Executive Training and get learning!
    Read to children every day, both individually and in groups.  Praise caregivers for reading to children.
    Save on floor mats, exit signs and facilities supplies.  One program is saving $6,000 a year on light bulbs! Sign up with at Grainger in Cost Savings!
    Regularly ask children to explain their reasoning when solving problems or engaged in activities that involve sequencing, comparisons, and other logical relationships.
    Help children expand their food preferences by offering new foods in small quantities with second helpings.
    Make sure children have access to all interest centers for at least one-third of the time during the course of the program year.
    Have a conversation with each child, each day.
    Knowing how to avoid and/or react to poisonings is critical. Prepare yourself before you need it most by heading over to Program Admin / Safety / Poison Prevention.
    Make it easy for your team to follow proper diapering procedure.  Print and post the illustrated, 3-panel poster.  Click on Program Administration / Posters.
    Parents looking for dental resources for their 6 – 17 year old? Provide them with the “Regular Dental Visits” brochure found on Program Admin / Family Communication Topics.
    Low ratios (few children to one adult) and small group size support the program’s ability to provide individual attention to children’s needs and interests.
    When reading a story, get children involved by asking questions, engaging in dramatic play and imagining what will happen next.  See more in Classroom / Literary / Interactive Reading.
    Looking for ITERS manipulatives? Click Classroom, then click Materials.
    Help children get an early start on physical fitness. Provide safe, developmentally appropriate physical activities each day.
    Holding an event that calls for contribution from parents or guardians? Utilize the signup sheet template in Classroom / Teacher Resources / Event Templates!
    Ensure that play time is safe for all. “Swing” or “slide” on over to the Playground Safety page under Program Admin / Safety.

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